May 25th

  • Today was Kayla’s 1st day pass given from the hospital.  She was allowed to go out with us for up to 8 hours and “breath” for a bit.  It has been nice to have our family together again, and the sound of the 3 of them talking in the back of the car.  Kayla has had to walk for 5-8 minutes every hour with the assistance of the walker.  Except for these times she is still in the dreaded chair.

    The last couple days have been hard on her, she has been experiencing dizzy spells and blurred vision.  We think this is due to some of her meds that were upped and have readjusted with the help of the hospital.  See a little improvement today, hoping that will be gone in the next day or two.  The increased pain has not changed and still an ever present part of her life.

    We had a informal sit down with Kayla’s Dr yesterday and he thought that she will have to be in the inpatient program a week longer then originally expected.  This will be reevaluated again after next week.  From what he said she is a worse off then he originally thought and unfortunately every child is different in the program.

    She has therapy tomorrow morning then we get to take her our for a couple of hours for the holiday.  Wishing everyone a happy holiday weekend!

    The Smith’s


3 thoughts on “May 25th

  1. Hope you got my letter! If not it is coming soon. Remember to keep strong! Praying for my BFFE! Love, Ariana

  2. Thinking about you and praying for your family! I am so sorry things did not work out with the passes, however they will be good for one year and you can use them when it is not a busy weekend for traveling. Tell Kayla we are praying for miracles and to stay strong and optimistic!! LOVE YOU GUYS!! XOXOXO Ken, Linda, Myles and Sage Herbert
    Please e-mail me an address we can send a card to Kayla THANKS!!!

  3. Shayna and the whole family, we are praying wholeheartedly for Kayla’s full healing and recovery. He did not bring her this far to leave her. Praise be to His name. We love you guys!

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